Winter Weather

I’m afraid I don’t have a ton of information worth sharing at present, but am feeling compelled to write something.

We have been living in the camper for 4 full months, with 2 1/2 to go.  Mostly I don’t mind.  However, when the 3 of us are here, plus the 3 big dogs, I find I feel a little short of breathing space.  Megan’s family comes on Tuesdays generally as they are both off work that day, that makes 6 of us for supper plus the dogs.  I can’t complain about our self imposed tiny living, but sometimes I’m tempted.  I take my time doing laundry at Sean’s, folding the clothes and enjoying what feels like wide open rooms.  He wouldn’t mind if we were up there more, but it’s his house now and I don’t want to take advantage.  When I have had big things to cook, I’ve used his kitchen, besides laundry that’s the extent of my coveting our old house.  He stops in after work several times a week and I can’t pretend that I don’t love seeing more of him.

We have been working on the apartment to some extent.  The work really goes easier when Jon and Sean are able to help.  My back has been giving me grief, so I haven’t been on hand as much.  When I’m feeling short on patience with our living situation, I look at Pintrest for kitchen ideas, that seems to keep me focused.

The last few weeks have been wet, snowy and cold.   Today is October 16th.  I look at the temperatures in Brunswick, then Nassau almost daily.  We watch our favorite sailing YouTube channels and anticipate our travels coming up in just a few months.   We haven’t set a course as of yet, but I’m looking forward to getting on the boat and making those plans.  I’m missing the warm weather, already.  I envision it being cool in Georgia when we get there in December and then the trek down the ICW being gradually warmer each day.  I don’t know if that is, in fact, how it will go, but in my mind it is.

We will start homeschooling Matthew next week.  We decided to start at the beginning of the 2nd quarter rather than wait until the big move.  We are a little apprehensive.  Matthew seems to have an overly romantic view of how wonderful it will be.  I pray my patience level is adequate.   Mike and Matthew have already decided that Mike will teach math and science and I’ll do the rest.  I like this idea, being fully aware that if it is observed, or voiced that Mike is a better teacher, he will take over.    It may save headaches if he would just do it, haha!

As far as curriculum, we plan for now, to keep using the resources from his current school, Black Hills Christian Academy.  BJU (Bob Jones University) is used for most subjects, with Purposeful Design and Words Their Way.  We will see how we like it for the rest of the school year, then decide how to proceed for 5th grade.  We have talked to a few homeschooling families and watched several reviews and tutorials on You Tube trying to decide what to do.  It seemed this is the most straight forward and he’s already used to it to some degree.  We can always make adjustments as needed.  If anyone has pointers feel free to share in the comments.  We really are open to suggestions or to learn from your experience.  We will hopefully have a handle on routine before we get on the boat.

Since we will be starting the homeschooling process sooner, we plan to take a short trip to the boat in early November.  One friend who is keeping an eye on her says she needs a good washing.  So far Hurricanes Florence and Michael have both bypassed the Brunswick Marina.  We are super grateful for this, of course, but are itching to go see her and make sure all is well.

I have been brainstorming ideas with a friend, Jennifer,  from church on small gifts we can keep on the boat to share as we go along.  Again, if anyone has ideas, share them, please!  We are thinking some tea bags with a scripture, or some sample oils, etc.  Mike and another friend, Larry,  talked fishing tackle, which Larry graciously donated.  I’m, also, trying to come up with a [business/boat] card design.  I need to find a program that I like to design it, then print.  Mike is repairing our bimini cockpit cover that we brought home and is customizing it for solar panels.  We have lists for provisions that we are always adding to,  but I think this is a never ending project.

I’ll write more as the Spirit moves.  I’ve included just a few pictures from the last few weeks.  Just life, messy and uncensored.

Slainte Mhath~

FYI~ YouTube sailing channels we love:

Sailing LaVagabond


*Sailing Zatara

*Sailboat Story

*Sailing Britican

**Sailing Doodles

Distant Shores

S/V Ruby Rose

*Children onboard

**dogs on board (at least in the beginning)


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