On being “homeless” and a gazillion pictures

We did it!!  we closed on both houses this month and are officially “homeless”.  This seems like an odd thing to have aspired to, but we have, at least temporarily.  We are still in our little 5th wheel camper and still own 10 acres of land.  There will now be a slow progression to building a small apartment for ourselves after finishing one for our daughter’s family to live in while keeping an eye on our “home front”.

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As per our usual, we had signed papers with the Savery’s for the Blunt house, spent a day packing up and when we went to leave, the battery was dead in Mike’s trailblazer.  While it was connected to the charger, we went to the grill and had a steak, thinking this would be ample time to let the car charge….wrong.  Right.  Joe and Bethany were gracious enough to let us hang out during their supper, while further charging of the battery happened.  I’m telling you, this is a sweet family.  We finally were able to embark on the journey home at 7:30pm.  Two hours later, with a loaded to the ceiling car and a flatbed trailer also loaded, Mike struck a fairly good-sized deer.  We had already joked that there were signs we weren’t supposed to leave Blunt, but this was toooo much.  I had been following in the Conestoga (aka mini van).  I hadn’t seen the deer right away, but quickly figured out what had happened when I drove past it and Mike was stopping on the shoulder.  Thank God the radiator and other mechanical parts weren’t harmed!!  As it was, the passenger side headlight, fender and inner wheel well, and door were damaged.  The frame where they attach was also bent.  So, in true Mike Preys fashion, he pulls out a few straps and a rope, pry’s the fender off the tire, ties it all up and we went on our way.  By midnight, after arriving home, he had located and messaged someone with a trailblazer they were parting out. Then he had all the necessary replacement parts by 5pm Saturday. He also has a few extra parts, in true Mike Preys fashion…..  Sunday, between church, taking care of grandson, Lucian and an event at church, he managed to get all the broken pieces off the car.  Today, Monday he has just about everything replaced.  He is finishing up the bumper and will be done.  Don’t anyone say the cobwebs have time to collect on this man!


In other news…. Matthew is adjusting at his new school.  It’s been slow going.  His grades have not been what we are used to seeing, but are improving.  There have been a few other issues that I won’t dwell on, but suffice it to say, things are looking better.  He is playing soccer in Spearfish for the first time this season.  His team, while not showing any inclination to win, yet, seems to get along pretty well and his coaches are also very nice.  He plays mostly defense and is good at it.  On Saturday, he ran 4 miles for a jog-a- thon that benefits his school (if interested in donating/supporting get ahold of me) then had a game immediately after.  His Birthmom, Kristi came and ran with him.  What a blessing she is for him!! We picked up Luc and headed to Kyrihns birthday party in Rapid City in the afternoon.  He was able to spend the night with Lynn and the boys.  Everyone was exhausted and I was in bed by 8:30~ unheard of!

We had a chuck wagon supper last night at church.  Our Pastors wife, Cindi had been planning this for eons and it came together amazingly!  There was so much love and time and seat put into it, such a blessing and honor to be able to help the little bit that I did.  It was a free community event and I believe we had around 70 guests.

Chuck Wagon Event

Voyager has weathered the weather (;-)) well, so far.  We have a few friends keeping an eye on her.  It’s a little harder that we expected to be here and not knowing how things stand with her.   Mike is still toying with the idea of him just flying down sometime to check in and get a few more projects cranked out.  I guess we will see how this pans out.

Things are tight in the camper ( I feel like it should have a name, as well…. masculine maybe; Angus?  Malcolm?).  What we NEED to survive seem to grow…. mostly in shoes.  My  shoes.  I think as long as all our “stuff” is stored in a nearby barn, it’s likely to keep accumulating.  I’ve been trying to keep order to it, but now that Mike and Katniss are home as are our belongings from Blunt, I feel a little overwhelmed.  It’ll come together and I’ll get a system worked out, probably about the time we head south to Georgia.

Anyhoo…. it looks like we might get some September winter weather next week.  We wouldn’t want to get off without that kind of memory to sustain us while sailing.  South Dakota fall storms are notoriously bad.  Mike wants to plant us in the barn (camper and all) before then,  but I can’t stand the idea of being holed up in there for 3 months.  I might be sorry next week.

Stay tuned~

Slainte Mhath


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