Continuing South

Holy Moly! What a few weeks it’s been!IMG_20190416_190431_878.jpgThis was a super cool sighting for us! After leaving Hope Town, we were only there the one night, we crossed back over to Marsh Harbour and stayed outside the Abaco Beach Resort for a night. We arrived in some weather and after anchoring, Mike stayed on deck to shower in the rain. The next day, in the marina, Ventolines and Mike spotted this famous tender….. belonging to one of our favorite YouTube channels! We fangirled/fanguyed at the tender, then when we didn’t spot the owners, went back to our boat. Meanwhile, Jennifer just happened to see Riley with baby Lenny approaching and seeing how he had his hands full, offered assistance when they were going aboard the dinghy. I was so incredibly jealous that we missed them by mere minutes! We did see them heading back to the boat, but missed our opportunity at meeting them.Here is Mike showering in the rain (nothing indecent)!20190415_164233.jpgThat night we headed south to stage for our crossing to Eleuthera. The weather has been shifty and we sail when we can, but have had bouts of unfavorable wind- like when it’s on our nose and we have to motor. We were, however able to sail for the most part when we crossed. Here’s is what the wind meter tells us when it’s a “no sail” kind of a day.

No sailing…

Right. We crossed, leaving from the Lynyard Cay Cut. We sailed the majority and saw some interesting seaweed formations along the way. We also got some nice pictures of Ventolines. Matthew, Falcon and I snuggled- believe it or not, it can get cool on the water and we like to bundle up in the comforters. I was also a little seasick, so this helped.

The sunset the night we reached Egg Island

When we reached Eleuthera, we anchored initially at Egg Island. There was a small, pretty beach with a swing and table. We took the dogs ashore, they promptly went for a run and while we were looking for them, Meg the dinghy decided to float back to the boat without us. She actually just made it about 20′ offshore and Mike was able to get her pretty quickly. Later that day the guys decided to fish from the dinghy. That was a little scary seeing them out in open water with several actual sized fish boats around them.20190418_111411.jpgMike was doing his usual browsing on Facebook and noticed that Sailboat Story, another of our favorite channels was a few miles away at Meeks Patch. He made contact with them and we all decided to meet up at Royal Island the next day. This was, again, very exciting for us. They have an 8 year old, Molly, who we all adore on their channel and just enjoy them as a family, also. We ended up staying a few nights, the first few being very rolly and uncomfortable and then we had Easter there as well. This was actually a safe harbor and there were soooo many boats around. There isn’t really anything to do there, on shore, however. Jennifer and I managed to find some diverting activity, though…..

Here is the link to Sailboat Story on YouTube:


IMG_20190420_131917_759.jpgHere is what Jennifer and I found: turns out we are both passionate about ruins….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Monday, after Easter we all made the jump to Spanish Wells. We stopped at Meeks Patch along the way. The beach on the NW side is beautiful and we opted to go there to avoid the pigs and what could have been a more populated beach. We were able to let the dogs run, Mike snorkeled a little and we just enjoyed the peacefulness of it.

On the way to Meeks Patch, Mike caught a couple fish. Another barracuda and a mutton snapper. He was also in the midst of baking coffee cake- quite the talent my husband is.

When we got to Spanish Wells, we again met up with the Sailboat Story crew. We enjoyed Pappa Scoops ice cream 4 nights in a row. The town is quaint and colorful and has all basic necessities. Budda’s is a great place to eat and they have an African Grey pair that we especially enjoyed.

Mike got a few boat projects done, mostly some varnishing and climbing into the engine room for some work on the genset. We also attempted to color Matthew’s hair. It didn’t take and we were a little disappointed. He did think the plastic bag on his head made him look like a windsock and had fun with that visual.

We bid Sailboat Story adieu in Spanish Wells and we certainly hope we are able to meet up with them again in the future. We had a fun time with their family to be sure!

From Spanish Wells, we carried on to Current Cay. We spent a few nights there and this was by far my favorite part of the journey to date. I can’t say why exactly, except that we had one almost perfect day. Matthew and I had jumping off the boat contests and were swinging from the boom on a rope into the water with Wyatt. Jeff, Mike and Wyatt went snorkeling and Jennifer and I SUPed (stand up paddleboard) and combed the beach. It was relaxing, the weather was perfect and for whatever reason, I was at complete peace. Wyatt also told me that he felt it was a perfect day, so I wasn’t alone. Something that we found interesting was that there was a black dog on shore. People came and went a few times and there were 2 structures there. The dog would occasionally come down and bark at us, but when we went to shore he wouldn’t approach. Jennifer tried…. haha

As I write we are sitting in Hatchet Bay. This, is where we came when we sailed on Mambo with Bruce and Colleen 2 years ago. We reintroduced ourselves to Pete, whom we met at that time as well. He and his wife, Bonnie have been coming here for years. His car is what Bruce drove to pick us up from the airport.  We have met Emmett who owns and operates the convenience store and bar and restaurant at the public dock. He is very nice and eager to please. His grandson, also Emmett, is younger than our boys, but they have formed a friendship quickly. I love that about these kids!20190502_181800-1.jpg

A couple days ago we hitched a couple rides to the Glass Window.  This is a bridge that originally had a rock arch beneath it, which has long since been swept away in a storm.  On one side, the north is the raging Atlantic Ocean.  On the other, south side, is a quiet and tranquil Eleuthera Sound.  It’s quite the contrast.  I have seen videos where the Atlantic is fiercely blowing over the bridge.  This day it was rather calm.


Yesterday, we hitched a ride to the Hatchet Bay Caves.  My knee and hip were hurting, so I opted to stay up top.  I went down a very short way, then took out my book and read while the rest of the group explored.  Apparently there’s 2 miles of cave to explore and they figure they got to about a mile of it.

We had explored Gregory town a little while here on Mambo.  We decided to walk around there a little bit today and see if anything had changed.  It hadn’t.  It’s a cute little burg with a little more happening than in Alice Town at Hatchet Bay.


Today, we are bound for Governors Harbour.  This is the route we took with Bruce when the infamous “knock down” took place on Mambo.  This is when the boat heels over so far, a spreader touches the water.  The spreader is what keeps the standing rigging away from the mast.  We didn’t completely knock the boat down, but it was close.  The weather is a little calmer today and we don’t anticipate anything remotely similar.

We have been talking more frequently of when we will be turning around to head back to the states.  The Florida Keys is somewhere we may head to first, we are still undecided.  At some point in the next few days, we want to try and nail down some dates to shoot for, so we can get my dad back on board.  The weather determines everything, so our “nails” have to be flexible.  I’m a little sad at the talk of going back, as our trip was about 2 months shorter than it should have been due to the boat yard work.  Next season will be a longer one and Mike has said this has been a “get our feet wet and see what still needs done” season.  Of course he’s right.  I feel like this life truly suits me, I love the boat life and meeting people and waking up to the sound of water and breezes.  I also ache to go home and see my kids and parents and brother and friends and church family.  There is a very small part of me that misses having regular and reliable mail service and the conveniences that go along with our easy life at home.


OK~ enough of that~

And another thing~  we have been playing around with a YouTube channel.  Check it out at your leisure.  There is only a single video for now- but we have some footage we will try and edit into something more interesting.  Eventually.


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