Changing Seasons

The last month has been a whirlwind!  In one week’s time, we sold our medical practice, moved our 2 foster children to their new home & moved out of our house and into a 5th wheel camper.  We have traveled back and forth to Blunt countless times for Mike to work and to further the construction along in that house in preparation for it to sell.  We are now sitting on S/V Voyager, but headed back to Blunt early tomorrow morning.

I have not had a ton of time to really let the changes sink in.  When I think about the clinic not being ours, I feel like someone has knocked the wind out of me.  When I think about the boys not being there when we get home, I am weak in the knees and my heart hurts.  I have to remind myself almost without ceasing, that both of these pieces of us are in the best hands possible.  Lynn loves those boys like we do- I know this and have no doubt!  Ann and Toni are not going to do anything that will hurt the clinic- they will in fact make it better, I believe!  Our patients and those boys are so blessed to have so many who love and care about them!

Right – Voyager-

I felt so at home with this boat from the minute we saw her.  She is comfortable and appealing to look at.  Insomnia is something that I have struggled with for years, but I have slept like a rock every night we have been here!  I’m so thankful for this!

We have been taking inventory and buying supplies we want to make her homey and functional.  We went to Target the first night and bought groceries, a few pieces of bedding, toiletries, etc.  We have gone back a few times since and making list upon list.  Pete & Linda the previous owners came and gave us a rundown on the boat systems.  They shared some pointers and just general encouragement for what we are doing.  We so appreciate them taking the time to be available to us.
Today, before we head out, Mike is organizing and stowing the extra filters, hoses, clamps, fluids and everything else we have come across.  Matthew and I have cleaned the canvas in a few areas that needed it as well as the deck and downloaded movies to watch later.  We are wrapping up this trip, but already planning for what we will do on the next one.   Hopefully our electric winches are replaced by then and we have good weather to take her out for a spin.  Drew, the man doing the work came by.  He is very nice and seemed competent.  He will keep in contact with Mike as the work progresses.

I’ve included a few pictures from this adventure.  We drove from Blunt to Sioux Falls, flew to Sanford then rented a car and drove up to Brunswick.   Ignore my mis-speak in the video calling the dodger a windshield~ I was slightly excited!  Of course, it’s pretty amateur anyway.  😉
I will sign off for this post~ Matthew also wants to write, so I will let him make the next entry.

Falls park
We visited Falls Park in Sioux Falls for the first time.
SV Voyager
Love the way these lights on the mast look!
SV Voyager.jpg2
Matt checking out Pappy’s berth.
Headed for Sioux Falls for our flight
After working on the boat, this was a nice reprieve.
M got a jellyfish sting to his face.
Recovered face.





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