Offer Accepted!


Our prayer was that if this was the boat God had in mind for us, the offer would be accepted as it was. The gentleman selling was having second thoughts, while his wife was insisting on the sale. It could have gone either way. When we landed in our home airport, Rapid City, SD, Mike had a voicemail to call the broker. He waited until we were where he could talk uninterrupted and returned Preston’s call. The offer was accepted pending survey! There was a verbage issue that was amended on the offer regarding the electric winches, then flight plans were made for Mike and Matthew to fly back to Brunswick for the survey taking place April 27th. Evidently the survey takes 8 hours (wow) and it is strongly recommended that the purchaser is present during the process. This will give Matthew a chance to see the boat and have some special guy time with his dad. We are crewing for a friend May 6-15 and will be away from him, so this will be a little extra 1:1 time to make up for it. We will then close on the boat May 4th when we are in West Palm before we crew from Abacos to New Bern, NC.

Alright, so the boat. Her current name is Azure. We will be changing that. There are a few ideas, but nothing concrete. More on that when it’s decided. As previously mentioned, she is a 1984 Brewer 12.8. This means she is basically an updated Whitby that is 42ft long. The upholstery has all been updated, the deck is all painted, the wood work is all done and beautiful, there is still virgin teak on the cockpit benches, but its in excellent shape. The electronics are new, the dinghy and outboard are practically new. The electric winches motors will be replaced, but that is basically the extent of needed repairs that we know about before the survey is done. Other attributes are a new a.c. with reverse cycle for heat. It also has a diesel generator. The keel and hull are solid, as are the stanchons and lifelines. The motor is low hours, well maintained and reliable. A 5 doot draft with a centerboard were also appealing features. This will come in handy when sailing in the Bahamas. There’s list upon list of other items we liked, but would bore the average reader (if not already bored). Suffice it to say, we love this boat.

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